Lifelong Music in O'Fallon Schools is a nonprofit organization that exists to support music in our O'Fallon schools by raising awareness and exploring grant and various fund raising opportunities.

Music education is a vital component of academic success and lifelong learning.


Lifelong Music in O’Fallon Schools

In early 2013, a group of O’Fallon community members came together with the common goal to promote and advocate the music programs in our public schools. We knew of our schools’ exceptional music programs and students and believed our community should be aware of the nationally recognized talent we have in our own town. This need became more apparent as events unfolded over the year and music programs were cut. Our OTHS band director, Dr. Gustafson- Hinds, and other dedicated music staff stepped up to create the O’Fallon United Community Music School (OUCMS), a non-profit music school, as a temporary measure until music was again offered in the District 90 curriculum. And it was temporary! Music programs have been brought back into the District 90 schools! But as you know, music is typically not considered a staple in our children’s education despite the fact studies show the impact of music education to students’ learning skills is profound. Until music is considered as important as the core subjects, it will always be one of the first considered for cost saving cuts. Lifelong Music in O'Fallon Schools will continue to raise awareness of the need to maintain exceptional music programs and raise funds to ensure this happens, through various community events. Our support will allow more students the opportunity to benefit from musical learning and performing. We will continue to promote these fine arts in O’Fallon, increase appreciation of music, and bring our community closer together.

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